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Should you choose to drive to Mexico, a few points to make your trip simpler:

The best place to cross over the border is Laredo, TX. Right below the bridge you will find the office where you must do the paperwork for the temporary import of your vehicle, boat and your tourist permit. More details at:
You will have to pay:

  1. The cost of the temporary import permit for your vehicle.
  2. The cost of the temporary import permit for the boat.
  3. Your tourist permit.

The roads are four lanes in good condition, so don't worry about that. Once you do this head on the road towards Monterrey, on highway 85. About 16 miles into the country you will come upon customs, here you will be asked to press a button on a stoplight like contraption, if the light comes up green you can proceed without search to Monterrey. If the light is red, your vehicles will be inspected and you will have to show your documents and temporary permits.
When you are entering Monterrey you will see the municipal airport on your right. Immediately after it you must make a right turn onto the city's by-pass heading toward the city of Saltillo, highway NL 100 and then highway 40.

Always take the by-passes around the cities and make sure you take the toll roads which will say "CUOTA". The road will wind through some mountains and you will be heading towards Matehuala on highway 57. At Matehuala, we recommend a stop at the "LAS PALMAS, MIDWAY INN" The food is good and the rooms are clean and spacious, there is also a pool for the guests and many recreational activities.

From here you will head south towards San Luis Potosi, then towards Leon and then to Guadalajara. Again always use the by-passes to the cities. At Guadalajara, take the highway to Tepic, and before arriving you will find a two lane road that will take you to Puerto Vallarta. Before arriving to Puerto Vallarta, you will find signals that will take you to Marina Riviera Nayarit.


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