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I am pleased to communicate that everything is set to go for the second edition of the Regata Copa Mexico. Please use this information to pass it on to your crews on the events and activities we have planned.

Accommodations and transportation:
Marival Resort and Marival Residences will be the official regatta hotels. Negotiated rates have are published please see www.j24mex and go to Regata Copa México 2012. Just call to make a reservation and say you are coming to the Regata Copa Mexico. Our contact is Javier Fernández for any questions. Javier has already booked most of the international visitors and can also help with the national crews
Transportation to the Marina Riviera Nayarit. We will have daily buses leaving at 8am, 8:30am and 9:30 starting on March 2nd. Buses will return to the hotels from the Marina at 5pm , 7pm and 9pm. . Our contact is Javier Fernández for any questions

Registration will start at 10am on March 2nd at the Villa Copa México in Marina Riviera Nayarit. Jorge Castillo and Rosalía Lechuga will be in charge of all registrations

Rental boats: all rental boat will be at the Marina at assigned slots based on the bow number. There will be one host for every three rentals. This host will check you into your boats as well as check you out on March 10th. You will have to sign a waiver and leave a security deposit of $1,250 dollars. The persons responsible for the rental boats are Enrique Perez Cirera and Elias Fares
Boat insurance: In order to be eligible to race, each boat is required to have a minimum of $25,000.00 marine liability insurance. In order to obtain the insurance offered by the Organizing Committee, each helmsman will need to provide the following information and pay US$70.00 to the Mex J24 Class administration prior registration. In case it is a chartered boat, you will still need to provide the information under point a) and b). The insurance is a marine liability insurance (P&I) only and the coverage will be from March 2nd-11th. All national boats please provide a, b and c to Rosalía Lechuga as soon as possible.
First Name:
Last Name:
Passport Nbr:
Mail Address:
Year built
Manufacturer: If other than J Boat
Hull ID#:
Outboard HP:
Country of boat registration:

J24 Class fees: all "National J24 Class" and "International J24 Class Association" fees for 2012 need to be paid before registration can be completed. We are getting confirmation from the J24 class based on the information provided during registration.

Boat Measurement:
We will only weigh the boats and measure sails that have not been measured by the J24 International Technical Committee. Kenneth Porter will be in charge of measurement operations
Measurement will start on March 2nd at 10am and will finish on March 4th at 6pm
We will provide refreshments and a light lunch during measurement.

Practice race and skipper meeting:
On March 4th at 2pm we will hold a practice race
Skippers meeting will be held at the Villa Copa México on March 4th at 11am.

Inaugural dinner:
The inauguration dinner will be held at the Marival Residences (walking distance for Marival Resort) at 7:30pm. Dinner will be sponsored by Organizing Committee.

PRO and Judges:
PRO for the regatta will be Bruce Green supported by Nicolay Borissov
International judges will be Francisco Sanchez, Lorne Chapman and Don Becker.

Race week events:
We are planning to have 10 races, just like last time
We will provide food and beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic from Monday 5th through Thursday 8th at the Villa Copa México. Lunch/dinner will be served right after the last race of the day
We are aligning sponsors for all these events and for now we will have a costumes party (material for costumes will be provided) on Tuesday March 6th as well as a Bossaball tournament (t on Thursday March 8th...get ready to party
We will have lunch boxes available every morning at the Villa Copa Mexico, these lunch boxes need to be ordered the day before at the Villa. Lucia Mijares will be the Villa Master that will coordinate everything around the Villa. Lunch boxes will have a recovery cost.

Award Ceremony:
Comex is our host for the closing and award ceremony on Friday March 9th at 7:30pm. We will have a great rock concert with a group from Guadalajara (Fruta Madura) and food will be provided by Marival. This is planned to be a great party.

Boat returns and pull-outs:
Rentals will be pulled out first ,some of them we might do on Friday, but most of the boats will be pulled out on Saturday and will be checked out with the host then

Our expectation is to put together a much improved event over 2010 edition, we would appreciate any feedback after the event to make sure we keep improving for the 2014 edition. I you have any question(s) please don't hesitate to contact me, or any of the members of the organizing committee.

See you soon!!

Peter Wiegandt
J24 Mexico Class

Reservaciones de Vuelos y Hospedaje

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Estimados Veleristas,


Ya pueden ir reservando sus vuelos para la Copa México, para hacerlo les pedimos ingresar  a la página de Interjet:  dar clic en el evento Regata Copa México, ingresar el siguiente Código:  COME 441544 y reservar. 


También les proporcionamos las ligas para reservar hospedaje en el hotel sede:  Marival Resort y Marival Residences.





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